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by in on 12 April، 2018

The Proof Tokensale dashboard is an agnostic wrapper for erc-20 enabled tokens and tokensale controller contracts.

NOTE: This software is still under rapid development and will undergo constant changes. These include easy-deploy scripts, front end reactivity improvements and basic code refactoring. Keep a close eye on commit records so your own deployments can keep being updated with the latest code.

The flow of this program is similar to MyEtherWallet in that all wallet management is handled clientside with only some basic record keeping and email data are kept in a stateful API. Otherwise, users can import their own UTC files and their passwords are kept entirely removed from any computer than their own. Since passwords are directly linked to their clientside code, there is no way to recover user passwords or accounts and any password change will effectively destroy that accounts wallet.

Luckily, the user can download their token wallet and and even open and manage it on MEW if that is what they prefer.

All styling and logos are kept in local directories. Most design is entirely handled by style sheets.

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  • Released

    12 April، 2018

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    15 September، 2018