Script icoDash initial coin offering

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Ready-made ICO script to launch your initial coin offering instantly. Stunning Dashboard for users to Buy coins. Powerful Admin Panel for you to Manage.
* 4 Step Process: We have got many ICO’s go live. So, our experts understand that any ICO script needs this 4 step process implemented seamlessly:
Step 1: The ability for the User to Calculate the price of the number of coins he wants in real time.
Step 2: Pay for the coins using any one of the following methods: Paypal, Credit Card or Cryptocurrency.
Step 3: Generate a Wallet address > Submit the payment details along with the wallet address( for verification & collecting the coins )
Step 4: A process for the admin to easily verify each payment and instantly transfer the respective number of coins to the user.

If the above steps are done properly, every other features are just bells and whistles.

*Android App: Don’t miss out that big crowd out there in the Play Store! With this incredible ICO Script, you also get an Android App. The entire User Dashboard comes as a spectacular Android App as well. Check it on the Play Store HERE.

* Made with your users in mind: Always remember that during your ICO you can expect a wide range of users: Teenagers, Tech people, House wife’s, Traders, Doctors etc. The entire flow from start to end should be simple and clean. No un-wanted distraction. The only aim is they should BUY as quickly as possible.

The user dashboard in our ico script has a unique design science to it. It is designed for even grandmother’s to use effortlessly without any help. In our tests with live users, the user abandonment rate was less than 4% !!

* Robust API Layer: This is the only ico script that aims to simplify the process of coin addition as much as possible. This incredible ico software comes with a robust API layer using which your developers can easily add any coin without much hassle.

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    22 July، 2018

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