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by in , on 12 April، 2018

How to Install FaucetCMS Faucet Script

FaucetCMS Faucet Script is definitely an option you need to consider if you want to start your own faucet.

Using this script, you will have everything you need in one place and every option is configurable through the admin panel; you won’t have to manually edit any code files.

It also comes with an installation script, making it even easier to install.

This script is relatively new – it hasn’t been installed by so many faucet owners so you shouldn’t have issues when registering on ad networks that require a faucet with an unique design in order to approve your account (unlike faucet-in-a-box for example which is overused).

However, this script will send a small amount of satoshis to its developer on every claim your visitors will make:

  • For claims between 1 – 99 satoshi – a fee of 3 sat is paid to script’s developer
  • For claims between 100 – 149 satoshi – a fee of 4 sat is paid to script’s developer
  • For claims between 150 – 199 satoshi – a fee of 5 sat is paid to script’s developer
  • For claims over 200satoshi – a fee of 6 sat is paid to script’s developer.

In my opinion, it’s a small price you pay for this great faucet script and it’s worth it.

FaucetCMS Faucet Script Features

  • FaucetHUB and FaucetSystem support (both can be used in the same time)
  • SolveMedia and reCAPTCHA integration
  • Extended statistics stores info about every claim (time, ip, btc address, browser user-agent, system language, if claim is unsuccessful – stores info about error).
  • Easy stats navigation: by date, by IP, bu btc address, etc
  • You can hold/ban IPs or BTC addresses
  • TOR\VPN protection
  • antiADBLOCK
  • One claim per one IP
  • Google analytics integration
  • Both instant or cumulative kinds of faucet
  • Manual payouts + personal witdrawal limits for trusted users
  • All standard features like min\max reward, referral program, timer, showing faucet balance, etc.
  • Three short link services integration: BTC.MS, and Mellow – a secondary method of income.

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Release Information

  • Released

    12 April، 2018

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    15 September، 2018